Crossover Series
classic guitar

CS-225 overview

classic guitar, all solid, rosewood fb, Fishman Presys I pickup, deluxe case

The CS-225 is designed with the modern guitarist in mind. The neck width is 48 mm, the fingerboard radiused and the neck/body joint is set at the 14th fret. All done to accommodate the steel-string or electric guitarist. The CS-225 facilitates an easy switch from the steel-string to this nylon-string guitar. The all solid wood and Fishman ISYS electronics guarantee a good, detailed and natural tone. The aesthetics guarantee admiring looks. The porthole in the upper bout is eye-catching and functional, the player gets a more omni-directional acoustic sound from this second sound hole. The body depth is only 76 mm, this prevents unwanted feedback.

CS-225 specs

top wood solid spruce
back and sides wood solid rosewood
fingerboard rosewood
scale length in mm 650
neck joint Spanish neck joint
top nut width in mm 48
12th fret width in mm 57
upper bout in mm 270
waist in mm 233
lower bout in mm 358
body length in mm 484
body depth in mm 76

CS-225 service

top nut TN-48-BN
bridge saddle BS-80-BN
machine heads MH095GK-P6I
deluxe gig bag included CGS-765

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